Lamborghini Service Workshop for HR Owen in Pangbourne

August 2019

In March this year we were selected from a tender list to build a new service workshop in Pangbourne for HR Owen on the site of a vacant office building.

Unfortunately planning permission was refused due to environmental restrictions. Chiltern collaborated with the client and their architect to design a new proposal which saw the existing building altered to accommodate 5 workshop bays. Although not ideal against the original plan for 8, Chiltern ensured that the stringent Lamborghini timescales were met.

The front facing elevation and steelwork was modified to accommodate new roller shutters to suit a Lamborghini – which is no mean feat!

New HVAC was fitted to the back office and new Lamborghini corporate toilets and shower were installed for the comfort of the mechanics.

An old entrance porch extension was removed, and the entrance area modified to create clean external lines. Along with a fresh resurface, the building looked crisp and modern in line with its stunning car-customers.

Cost: £770k

Programme: 24 weeks